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Cult Ritual

Cult Ritual are one of my favorite hardcore bands of the last few years. Hailing from Florida, their sound is a cross between 'Damaged-era' Black Flag, Bl'ast, and Poison Idea. Mean, dissonent, chaotic, and noisy. Everything i love about hardcore wrapped up in one. I don't think they are still together and I believe members are now in Neon Blud, Nazi Dust, and Slavescene. Also be sure to check Merchandise and Body Rot (both feature members of Cult Ritual). Most, if not all of their releases are out of print or nearly out of print. If you can get your greasy taco hands on copies, i suggest you do before you kick yourself in the ass and sell your new borns to get a hold of them later.

Discography HERE.

You can download most of their out of print releases HERE.

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